The Century is an insulated, full downdraft, European style, automotive downdraft spray booth,  combined with the flexibility and latest technology from North America, featuring:

  • Rammstein Air Make-Up Unit (AMU) specifically designed for the finishing industry, with lots of energy saving features and benefits (see next page)
  • LDPI inside access lights, rated Class 1, Division 2 for hazardous areas
  • Colour-corrected light tubes in either fluorescent or optional LED
  • 36” Tube axial exhaust fan c/w non-sparking aluminum blade, and NEMA, TEFC motor
  • Quality door hardware including heavy duty, adjustable hinges
  • Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) on both intake and exhaust fans
  • 13” of additional interior height over standard automotive paint booths
  • Optional raised basement (instead of in-floor pit)
  • 2,000# per wheel, German-made floor grating

: A state-of-the-art AMU delivers maximum performance with premium energy efficiency and includes an auto-prep (econo) mode, flash mode and auto balancing. A 1,500 MBTU burner makes sure you have heat when you need it and gets you up to temperature quickly.

Flexibility: A Century Spray Booth is available with both vertical and horizontal configurations, so that the mechanicals can go beside, behind, AND above the paint booths (on an optional stand) or even on the roof of the building. One of the problems with most European style booths (even those made in Asia) is that the mechanicals are only available in a vertical configuration.

Standard Parts: All of the mechanicals, controls, lights and interlocks are made in America, so you’ll never have a problem with parts.

Air Flow
: A bigger paint booth gets more airflow so you’re not compromising on quality with additional length.


Download a brochure with Dimensions

Download our brochure complete with dimensions and technical specifications.

Century Brochure (pdf)